How To Choose A Vape Kit

How To Choose A Vape Kit

You always need a vape kit to vape your wonderful Moreish Puff, but that doesn't mean you have to use just a cheap, basic vape kit. There are hundreds of different kits out there and they come in all different shapes and sizes, so there's always a vape kit for someone.

But how do you pick the kit that's right for you? You don't want to end up with a kit you don't like and struggle to use. Today, I am going to guide you through how to choose the best vape kit for you!


When you first start vaping, you obviously don't know everything about vaping, so you don't want a difficult and advanced kit to start with, as you'll have no idea what to do. Pod kits are easy to use, since you just insert the pod and get vaping, and so maybe the best kit to go for as a beginner.


Like with a lot of things, you want a vape kit that looks good. Since vapes come in a variety of colours, there is a colour for anyone!

Many people like vape kits that look like a normal cigarette, since they used to be smokers and want something with the same feel to it.

You may want a good sized vape, since a big vape is harder to carry in your pocket. Some vape devices, however, come with a display, and you may want a device where you can easily see the display.


Money is always an important thing, so you don't want to be spending over £100 on a simple vape kit, unless your budget is high enough. Vaping may be cheaper than smoking, but buying the vape device can at first be costly. You don't want to just go for the cheapest kit on the market though, since the kit may not be all that good.


Vape devices run on batteries, and they do need charging sometimes. Like a mobile phone, you want a kit with a long lasting battery, so you don't have to charge it up all the time. You also want a kit with a quick charge so you can get back to vaping quickly.


Vape Kits can come with a variety of functions to enhance and customise the vaping experience. Some kits allow you to change the temperature the e-liquid burns at. Many have displays showing how much battery is left, so you can charge it before it goes dead. However, devices with more features can sometimes be more complicated.


Some kits come with pods that are already prefilled with e-liquid. While these e-liquid pods are easy to use, they don't come in that many flavours, so you want to make sure they have a flavour you like before buying the kit.


One important thing to note with almost anything you buy is the reviews. Sure, the device may have all the features you want, it may be cheap and it may look great, but if it doesn't get very good reviews, it's probably not a good kit. Make sure to look at the reviews before you order a kit to see what people think of it.


Choosing a vape kit is a lot like choosing a smartphone, you want a good looking one that's easy to use, has the features you want and comes at a good price. Take a look around to find a kit that's perfect for you, and stay moreish!

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