Vapesta: An Energetic Vaping Experience

Vapesta: An Energetic Vaping Experience

A lonely, oversized "M". What's the first thought that flooded your mind? If you are hungry, probably the curvy M of a McDonald’s sign, and if you are thirsty, the intimidating M on a can of Monster Energy drink. In the world of vaping, however, you'll find the fizzy rush of Monster Energy to be represented by a rather magical "V".  We'll explain.

If you're like us, the nostalgia of the infamous caffeine rush mixed with the sweet fizzy flavour hits close to home. But you don't have to be thirsty or have a case of energy drinks laying in the fridge to enjoy the full glory of good ol' Monster. Fortunately for the entire vaping community, Vapesta has taken a turn towards a rather unusual path in choosing what their e-liquids will taste like; Monster Energy!

Available in various nicotine strengths, and in a wide range of Monster energy flavours, you can truly experience a full fizzy energy blast with the Vapesta collection Moreish Puff has in stock.



A range of Monster flavours

 If you love Monster Energy, you're already aware that not all Monster Energy drinks come in the same flavour. Even if you aren't particularly familiar with the different tastes, you would have probably seen differently coloured Monster cans sitting in the store’s display.

If you browse through Vapesta products, you'll quickly discover that they don't fall short in the colour and flavour department either. You'll find all kinds of Monster energy drink variants in e-liquid form, ensuring you really won't miss out on your all-time favourites.

Not sure where to start looking? Here are our top three picks for Vapesta flavours:




As the colours may have already spilled the beans, this e-liquid carries all the goodness the Ripper Monster Juiced has. The yellow energy drink can is known to carry Monster Energy’s island adventures, and Vapesta has done no less a deed with the Dripper. This flavour has a unique approach to reinvigorating you; a mix of tropical juices blended with the crowd-pleasing taste of monster energy.

For those of you who haven’t tried Ripper Monster Juiced, expect a trip to a breath-taking pacific island through pure taste. The static taste of a strong rush of energy paired with a kick of stimulating nicotine will have you grabbing a surfboard the moment you inhale.




What’s red, black and packs a bourbon cola energetic punch? Attack! But this isn’t any sneak-up – ambush on the unsuspecting; Attack by Vapesta has turned Monster Energy’s Assault into a vape juice for you to remain ready for unforgiving combat. As a bonus, you’ll get Vapesta’s version of a trip down memory lane with Monster Energy Assault’s original, uncamouflaged look.

For those of you who haven’t tried Monster Energy Assault, expect a hint of distilled whiskey and cola mixed with a strong soup of pure energy. Nothing will have your adrenaline pumping better from your first draw than Attack by Vapesta.




The Vapesta products on this list has done a great job with the countless variants of Monster Energy. But why there may as well be no list if the long-loved Monster Energy original isn’t on it. The infamous green can that stands out in a sea of other energy drink products; Monster Energy has won the caffeinated hearts of millions.

Vapesta’s original lacks in no category to qualify it as the perfect recreation of the classic Monster Energy original in vape juice form. If you aren’t pumped up and excited about it after reading this, you definitely will be after you had your first puff.



Alright, I love Monster but how would all of this be in vape form?

User experience varies per individual. However, if you loved Monster Energy in regular liquid form, you will definitely love it no less in e-liquid form. A simple way to visualise your first ‘sip’ (draw) from your vape device would be: a rush of sweet reinvigorating energy that refreshes you inside out.

Vapesta’s master skill in creating e-liquids paired with Monster’s decade-long experience in creating energy drinks will set you up for a fizzy, energetic vaping experience.

Now, there is no secret that energy drinks contain caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and is what makes you feel so refreshed and energized. Stripping the caffeine away from an energy drink may not be as bad as you think if it is replaced with Nicotine; another stimulant. That’s right, nicotine is actually classified as a stimulant rather than just a boring old depressant.


Nicotine strength

Vapesta ensures that only you define your vaping experience by providing you with a list of choices in the nicotine department. If you have just quit smoking and still crave the strong effect kick of nicotine which you may be addicted to, you have a shiny 20mg nicotine option for the flavour you pick.

If you love vaping but not the addictive nature that follows it, the 0mg nicotine option is perfect for you. If you are somewhere in between wanting a real nicotine dose and enjoying 0 nicotine, there is a 10mg option waiting just for you with the Vapesta flavour you pick.



Everybody loves Monster Energy. With Vapesta’s collection of e-liquids, you can now enjoy the energetic variants of Monster Energy in your vape device. With a number of different variants and perfect skill in flavour recreation, you are set for an addictive, satisfying vaping experience.

If you are looking for a place to grab your Vapesta e-liquid, or if you are picky and looking for a complete range of options, is your go to. With vast collections of different brands, flavours and nicotine strengths; you will find the e-liquid that suits you.

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