Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

One thing that happens to lots of vapers when they first start vaping is getting a burnt taste with their e-liquid, but how is this caused, and how can I fix this? In this blog, I will answer these questions.

Reason 1 - Coils Are Not Primed

When you start vaping on a new coil, it's best to let it prime first by leaving the wick for a few minutes to saturate the e-liquid before starting to vape it. This ensures that the wick is properly saturated since dry cotton burns. 

Burning a new coil can be easy, since the wicking is tight and the wicking material is less porous until it is properly vaped. What this indicates is that this wick has to be given more care when the coil head is new or hasn't been used in a long time, just to ensure it properly soaks through. 

Without priming, the air pockets in the wicking compact may not move and you may end up getting a poor vaping experience.

How to Fix This

All you need to do to fix this is prime your coils.

  • Install your new coil
  • Remove the top cap and/or glass from the base of your tank to reveal the fresh coil head in position
  • Put a single drop of e-liquid at each of the holes on the exposed wick around the coil head sides (the wicking ports).
  • Drip a few drops of e-liquid from the top of the coil head onto the exposed wick, aiming to saturate the wick and wet the coil without overdoing it
  • Reassemble and fill the tank
  • Close the airflow to a restricted flow
  • Without turning your device on, take a few draws or dry hits to bring the liquid into the coils
  • Close your airflow
  • Wait 5 minutes, then vape

Reason 2 - Wattage Is Too High

If you are sure that you have properly primed and soaked your coils, and the coil is still in its expected lifespan, there is a high possibility that you have exceeded your coil head's maximum wattage when vaping.

When you get a burnt hit, the first thing you should do is check your device, to make sure you haven't inadvertantly turned your wattage up.

How to Fix This

On the packaging or the instructions of the coils or kit, you should find the wattage range recommended for the coil. Make sure to stay in this range to stop yourself from getting dry hits. When you vape at a wattage too high, the e-liquid in the cotton evaporates quicker than the wick can re-saturate, causing dry cotton burning.

When you install a new coil or coil head, after the prime and soak stage, you should start at the lower end of the wattage range, take 4 to 5 hits, and increase by 5 watts. Repeat this until you get to the top of the coil head range.

If you exceed the wattage on the coil, the best thing to do is either clean the coil or replace it.

Reason 3 - Incorrect VG/PG Ratio

To an extent, the coils you use can affect the VG/PG ratio you need to use, depending on the wattage. Since PG is the thinner of the two, the lower the recommended wattage, the higher the PG should be. 

The wicking ports on the sides of the coils do also affect the ratio. If the holes are big, then a high VG e-liquid should be used, however, if the holes are small, a higher PG liquid would be best.

Vaping on small coil heads with a high VG liquid can cause your wick to burn, since the VG is too thick to fit the tiny wicking ports and saturate the coil in time.

How to Fix This

One good solution is to simply check the holes on the coils. If the holes are big, then a VG liquid is ok but if they are small, use a PG liquid.

The best thing to do would be to vape with a 50% and over VG ratio for coils with a wattage over 30W.

Reason 4 - The Tank Isn't Full 

The wicking ports around the coil should never be exposed, as liquid should always be going in. If not, you will experience a dry or burnt hit. Repeatedly doing this will decrease the lifespan of the coils.

When you vape from a tank with exposed wicking ports, or a tank that hasn't been topped up, you draw air instead of juice into your wicking. When you fill the tank again, unless you prime and soak the coils , your first hits are likely going to be on dry cotton.

How to Fix This

If you have been vaping with an empty tank, you need to prime your coils and refill them, ensuring your tank is topped up in the future and your wicking ports are never exposed. You may need to clean your coil thoroughly or replace them if you still get a burnt taste

Reason 5 - Chain Vaping Too Much

Lots of people like chain vaping, especially when they have a really good flavour like Moreish Puff, but not all coils can handle it. Sometimes you may chain vape and may not notice your tank getting hot.

When the tank gets overheated from chain vaping, the e-liquid overheats, making it thinner and causing it to vaporise too rapidly to saturate the coils in time, resulting in a dry hit.

How to Fix This

When chain vaping, make sure to take note of how hot your tank is getting. You don't want it getting too hot or you will get a burnt taste. If it is hot, leave it for a bit before continuing to vape.


Now you should know why you're getting a burnt taste so you can avoid getting a burnt taste again in the future. 

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