Vaping at Work

Vaping at Work

January means back to work and, with vapers, you may get a strong urge to vape at work, but is it allowed to vape at work? This can be different depending on where you work, and today I will guide you through whether or not you can vape at work.

Why Might Employers Allow You to Vape at Work?

Vaping is widely known as a safer substitute for cigarette smoking. Many employers may allow and even promote vaping at work rather than smoking (because smoking is typically prohibited in the workplace due to fire risks, second-hand smoke, etc.).

If you are employed in the vape business, you will most definitely be permitted to vape. The boss could get you to test and get your opinion on their latest e-liquid flavours.

Why Might Employees Forbid Vaping at Work?

Vaping creates second hand vapour. Although secondhand vapour is not proven to cause any health risks unlike secondhand smoke, research is still required. People are concerned about second-hand vapour, afraid it could inflict long-term damage.

An e-cigarette can look similar to a normal cigarette, too. This can be a problem as people may attempt to smoke cigarettes claiming to be e-cigarettes, which can trigger secondhand smoke etc.

Most companies may have smoke alarms to prevent fires. The vapour may reach the smoke alarm when someone vapes and trigger it to go off, although this is only known to happen when there is a lot of vapour.

Some people may think that smoking and vaping are basically the same thing, and may argue that smoking cigarettes should also be allowed if vaping is permitted.

If you work in a catering position it's not the best idea to vape while cooking. The e-liquid flavours that come out of the vapour may contaminate the food. Many restaurants also already ban indoor vaping from the customers.

What Should I Do if Vaping Isn't Allowed?

When vaping is not permitted in the office, there are typically areas outside to vape. Such centres are typically, unfortunately, primarily for smoking, but you can try to find a different place near work to stand and experience the vape. You shouldn't asked to stop as you are vaping outside.

What Should I Do if Vaping Is Allowed?

If your employer allows you to vape inside, you still have some rules and procedures to observe when vaping.

Make sure to ask the people around you if they're all right with you vaping before you do. Although the manager might be ok with it, your colleagues may not want you too. If the coworkers also vape, it can open up discussions on the topic (and how Moreish Puff is best).

Make sure to never purposefully blow vapour at someone. This can get them irritated and put them off vaping, which could lead you to having to vape outside.

Consider vaping a more subtle flavor as stronger flavors can be disturbing and annoying to non-vapors.

If you follow these rules, you might be helping to change people's vaping mindset. Nevertheless, if you don't follow these, it can escalate to a vaping prohibition in your office.


Now you should know the correct etiquette when vaping in the workplace. Always check with the manager before vaping in the business, otherwise it can lead to you being fired. Stay moreish!

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