The Facts of Vaping

The Facts of Vaping

Now we've been through the myths of vaping, let's take a look at the facts. Today I will reveal to you some facts and statistics you may not have known about vaping.

How Many People Vape?

In 2011, the amount of people in the world who vaped was around 7 million. In 2018, this number reached over 40 million and is still rising. Market research believes that by 2021, almost 55 million people will vape.

In the UK, the vaping industry has skyrocketed too, from 700,000 people in 2012 to over 3 million now. More than 15% of over 18s living in the UK currently vape, with 1 in 5 people having tried vaping at some point in their life.

How Many People Smoke?

As the vaping market has grown, the smoking industry has shrunk. According to the World Health Organisation's 2018 report, the number of smokers worldwide has had a slow but steady decrease since 2000, now at 1.1 billion from 1.14 billion. By the summer of 2018, less than 15% of the UK population smoked cigarettes or tobacco substances, the first time the figure had dropped this low.

In 2015, 58.8% of vapers have also smoked cigarettes, and currently, 80% of smokers vape. 74% of ex-smokers quit thanks to e-cigarettes.

Why Do People Vape?

The main reason why people vape is to quit smoking. This is because cigarette smoking is responsible for 480,000 deaths a year, including 41,000 deaths thanks to second hand smoke. Vaping does not cause these deaths since it does not contain the carcinogens involved in tobacco.

Vaping is actually cheaper than smoking, despite what some people believe. Currently, a pack of 20 cigarettes costs an average of £10.73. An average smoker uses around 11 cigarettes a day, adding up to over 77 cigarettes a week, calculating at over £40 a week. A vape kit can cost around £30 to £40 a week, with our e-liquids costing up to £17.99, but this lasts much longer and therefore is cheaper in the long run.

Another reason people vape is because of the many flavours you can get, from tobacco flavours to candy flavours to custard flavours! E-Liquids bring a flavour to fit anyone's palette! Vaping also allows you to enjoy desserts without gaining weight!

The Vaping Market

In 2018. the global vape market was worth $22.6 billion, up from $4.2 billion only a few years ago. The UK has the third biggest vape market after Japan and the United States, with vapers from the top 3 countries spending a combined $16.3 billion in 2016. United States is way ahead, earning almost $13 billion, while Japan earnt around 2 billion.

A survey made by Ernst and Young found that in 2015, the majority of vapors bought their vape products from a specialist e-cigarette shop. The second most used way of buying vape devices was online, but supermarkets, tobacconists and even pubs were also places people bought their stuff.

It is thought new vapers would buy their first products from a shop, so they can build familiarity with the product and get some advice on what is best for them. In the UK, there is an estimated 2000 vape shops.

The UK's Favourite Vape Flavours

Many vapers enjoy tobacco flavours, since they are reminiscent of the old cigars. They may also like menthol to remind them of menthol cigarettes. If they prefer a fruity flavour, the top fruity flavour is usually strawberries, thanks to their sweetness. Dessert lovers may also like cream flavours or vanilla flavours. A blog will come soon with more information on the favourite vape flavours.

5 Fun Vaping Facts

Vaping dates back as early as the Ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians would heat various herbs together into a vapor which they would inhale. This was believed to clear the mind and cure diseases. This was often done in a religious context.

Vape kits were actually given out at the Academy Awards in 2016 and many celebrities received them as gifts. This gave the vape industry a good bit of attention.

Many celebrities actually vape, from singers like Katy Perry to actors like Jack Nicholson. 

Cloud chasing is actually a sort of sport, and there have been competitions to see who can make the largest clouds. These people would win awards like money if they did the best trick.

One of the most expensive kits is the Magic Valley Vapors SX35J Dual Mod, costing a whopping $109,000. This device was created using a 3D printer. 

I hope you have learnt something new about vaping. Find out more information about vaping from our other blogs, and for now, stay moreish!

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