Where Can You Vape In The UK?

Where Can You Vape In The UK?

Vaping has become increasingly popular as an alternative for cigarettes over the past few years, due to it being proven to be at least 95% healthier than smoking, with e-cigarettes producing a simple vapour rather than harmful smoke. Although the vapour emitted by the e-cigarette is not considered to be harmful to others, vaping is still forbidden in a number of places, and today I will lead you through UK laws on where you can and can not vape.

Vaping On Public Transport 

We already know that public transport prohibits smoking, and vape regulations are similar. Vaping is banned on all British trains and flights. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, many individuals are skeptical about vaping and believe it's as risky as smoking. The other reason is that, while vaping is different from smoking, it still looks similar to smoking, so smokers can use it to bypass the law, pretending to vape when they are actually smoking. There are alarms in the toilets on trains and planes that go off when you vape. Vaping is also prohibited by airports and stations.

Buses and coaches can differ from company to company with respect to their vaping policies. Vaping is prohibited on London Buses and National Express, but it's best to ask about the smoking rules for other companies before you begin vaping on the bus. You'll be kicked off the bus if you're caught vaping on a bus that bans it.

The general rule on cruises and ferries is to vape in the designated areas for smoking. On the balcony, most cruise lines have banned smoking, and vaping may be the same. Before you vape, make sure to ask the cruise company.

Vaping in Hospitals

The regulation on vaping in hospitals will differ greatly based on where you are in the UK. For example, hospitals in Scotland, with the exception of the NHS Lothian Trust, have banned e-cigarettes across hospital grounds, not just in hospitals themselves. Although strictly speaking, England and Wales do not have a blanket ban on vaping, many hospitals are enforcing a ban on vaping.

Under recent medical advice, hospitals are allowed to start distributing e-cigarettes and have patients vape indoors, and even in bed. Public Health England (PHE) suggested that any smoker trying to stop should be advised to take e-cigarettes.

Vaping At Live Venues

Sports stadium vaping rules vary from club to club. Major arenas, such as Old Trafford and Manchester City, have severe vaping prohibitions, but smaller clubs are more relaxed about it. The laws change a lot, so it's best to check the vape regulations with the venue. You can be thrown out for it if you're spotted vaping in an arena where it's banned.

Most of the big music venues prohibit vaping (including some sports stadiums). Another example is the NEC in Birmingham, which, except for the Vape Expo UK (held twice a year) does not permit vaping inside the building.  Smaller music venues are more relaxed, so ask a staff member if vaping is all right before you do it.

Vaping at Work

Workplace vaping is often a difficult issue. Some businesses have rules that govern how their workers should vape and where the vaping area is, but others do not. Vaping should be authorised in places where smoking is tolerated as a rule of thumb. Nevertheless, businesses are strongly urged not to put vapers in the same place as smokers. Public Health England suggests companies create a dedicated vaping area and promote the use of e-cigarettes instead of combustible tobacco products.

Vaping in Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs

Unlike smoking, vaping is not banned in every pub, cafe or restaurant. A general rule would be to consult with the establishment's manager before vaping. Some chain restaurants including KFC and Starbucks include vaping in their anti-smoking policy; others differentiate between the two. In any event, even if they violate a particular establishment's vaping law, a vaper will not suffer any legal repercussions.


These rules could soon change with news reports constantly coming out about vaping. Make sure that vaping is allowed until you vape, and stay moreish!

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