Common Vaping Mistakes

Common Vaping Mistakes

Unfortunately, even though vaping is better than smoking in many ways, it can still be more difficult. While it isn't amazingly difficult, it isn't as simple as just lighting a cigarette. There are some mistakes that vape beginners often make, but today I am here to help you through these issues.

Mistake 1 - Taking Hard Puffs

The most common mistake made by every new vaper on their first vape is taking a hard puff to try and get more vapor. This is because, if you puff hard on a normal cigarette, the rings on the paper makes the cigarette burn faster, releasing more smoke. 

With a vape however, this doesn't work the same, and can even end up with less vapour, since the air tube will fill up with e-liquid, which can lead to you getting e-liquid in your mouth.

If you want to get more vapour, take longer puffs, not hard ones. Use gentle air pressue to avoid sucking the e-liquid into your mouth.

Mistake 2 - Not Refilling the Tank Enough

Most e-cigarettes come with a refillable tank, which will only work right when there is enough e-liquid in the tank to keep the coil wet. The heating coil has a (usually cotton) wick around it, which draws e-liquid from the tank to the coil. 

The e-cigarette has wick holes which can be seen from the side of the device. If the level of e-liquid isn't constantly above these holes, the wick won't stay wet, and you can get a burnt, harsh, dry hit. Be sure to refill the tank before the liquid dips below these holes.

Mistake 3 - Vaping Immediately After Refilling a Tank

You can still get a burnt taste after you refill the tank, since the e-liquid needs time to saturate the wick after the tank is filled. 

A good idea before filling your tank for the first time or when you replace a coil head would be to place bits of e-liquid on each end of the wick. Then, install the coil and fill the tank as normal. Be sure to wait a few minutes before using the tank. If you're waiting several minutes between puffs to let the wick resaturate, you should no longer get a burnt taste in your vape.

Mistake 4 - Waiting Too Long to Buy E-Liquids

The e-liquid is possibly the most important part of the vaping experience. Without the liquid, you have nothing to vape, so you don't want to find yourself suddenly out of e-liquids, otherwise, in your desperation for nicotine, you could decide to return to the dark world of smoking.

If you like to buy your e-liquids online, be sure to place your order well before you run out, so you aren't left waiting for your order to come. Another thing you can do is check out your local vape shop to see if they stock your favourite brand.

Mistake 5 - Not Staying Hydrated

PG and VG are both hygroscopic substances, which means they absorbe the moisture from the surrounding environment. When you exhale the vapour, you lose any water the VG and PG has absorbed. This can over time leave you with a dry mouth, throat and lips. Though vaping should not cause serious dehydration, you need to drink more to keep yourself hydrated.

Mistake 6 - Picking the Wrong Nicotine Strength

Most people vape to get their nicotine fix, but new vapers are unsure of how much nicotine they need. If they get a nicotine strength too low, they will find themselves vaping more to comensate, which uses up more e-liquid and costs more in the long run. If they get a nicotine strength too high, they can start to get headaches and feel dizzy.

The way to work out your ideal nicotine strength is thinking how much you used to smoke. If you never smoked at all or want to cut nicotine out completely, a 0mg strength would be best for you. It is best to start at a low strength and work your way up. For more information about nicotine, check out this blog.

Mistake 7 - Not Changing the Coils

No coil can last forever. After a while, residue, or "coil gunk", starts to appear on the coil. If this becomes big enough, it begins to burn, giving you a burnt taste when you vape. The burnt taste will continue until you replace the coil. 

The coil gunk can form quicker if sweeter e-liquids are used, since the sweeteners used leave deposits on the coil since they don't vaporise cleanly. If you aren't happy with the flavour of your vape, or you find your cotton has begun to darken, it's time to change your coil.

Mistake 8 - Carrying Your E-Cigarette in Your Pocket

It is generally recommended to carry vape equipment in a dedicated carrier rather than your pocket or purse, since unsafe transportation can cause the tank to leak. Transporting the device can also lead to the device being turned on accidentally, which will wear out the coil quicker and may cause the coil to overheat.

If you have spare batteries for your kit, never carry them loosely in your pocket, since they can short-circuit if they touch other metal items such as keys or loose change. This can lead to the batteries venting hot gases or exploding.

Mistake 9 - Not Keeping Items Clean

It's always important to keep your vape clean so as to not get a bad taste in your mouth. It is always best to regularly clean the parts of your kit. Tanks are best to clean when you're changing e-liquids so you don't have a mix of e-liquids in the tank.

Mistake 10 - Vaping in Someone's Face

Always be careful to aim your vapour away from someone's face. If you blow vapour into someone else's face, they can feel uncomfortable, since there is not currently solid proof that second-hand vapour isn't bad for you.

If you continue to blow vapour in people's faces, this can lead to restrictions on where you can vape. This can make other vapors annoyed at you, so it is best to keep it discreet.

Mistake 11 - Not Vaping Moreish Puff


Now you should know how to deal with some common mistakes that beginner vapers make, so you can be sure this doesn't happen to you. Stay Moreish!

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